Inspired by the Australian way of life, iGETU BOTANICALS is a family founded skincare company working through holistic sustainable practices to bring you the best products for all skin types. We use only the most dynamic natural ingredients Australia has to offer. The special use of Australian extracts and minerals have been formulated with our organic oils to bring our customers a luxurious experience with specified results. All of our practices are sustainable and ethical, and cruelty free

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igetubotanicals - Aug-21 2020

Socially Responsible Skincare

Our commitment for environmental harmony and our stance on ethical and sustainable skincare.

When iGETU Botanicals was first imagined by its Directors it was very clear from the beginning that it was important to us as an organisation that we would make a conscious and positive effort to work harmoniously with the environment.

There is a well known proverb; “When the winds of change blows, some people build walls and others build windmills.” 

Responsible Resourcing and Packaging

At iGETU Botanicals we wanted to find the best naturally occurring and ethically sourced ingredients that Australia has to offer and turn these into beautiful natural products. Many industries in Australia work against the environment and ultimately when you try to do this there are both inefficiencies and consequences. We are committed to working with the natural environment in Australia. All of the plant extracts we use come from plants that have no problem flourishing in the harsh extremes of our climate. Many of the native Australian extracts are wild harvested in their pristine natural environment or organically farmed.

The issue of transport is a consideration as well and we buy as close to our operation as possible. The majority of our ingredients are sourced from within a 2 hour drive from our home base.

Plastic reduction is also at the top of our priority list and we do whatever we can to avoid the use of plastic. The way plastics are choking the earth and micro plastics are entering our food chain is horrifying. The last thing we wanted to do was to put more plastic packaging and bottles into our oceans and landfill.

So rather than use environmentally harmful plastics we have chosen to contain our products in Miron Glass. Not only does this reduce plastic usage but also the violet glass protects the bioactivity of our products from harmful rays of light and keeps important ingredients intact. Glass is also a better choice for its long-lasting usability.

And then there is packaging for shipping. We utilise eco friendly products
and shipping boxes that are made from recycled paper and are themselves recyclable. All of our product and shipping boxes are also biodegradable as is the tissue paper and other filling materials.  

Natural, Organic and Vegan

iGETU Botanicals absolutely stands for clean and safe beauty. All of our products are certified Toxic Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan. Harming animals to test skincare in any way is not ok. That is one of the reasons why we have taken this important stance on being Vegan.

Every ingredient has been meticulously checked with our suppliers to ensure that they have not been tested on animals.

This also has the added benefit of aligning with our stance on producing products for sensitive skin. Read our Q&A with a Director to find out more about how we came to offer products for sensitive skin. In short, our founders have a family history of sensitive skin. iGETU Botanicals was born out of an ongoing need to source organic ingredients to create skin treatments. Our ingredients are natural and or organic and vegan. These ingredients go through a painstaking process of testing to ensure they work really well with sensitive skin.

We offer luxe skincare solutions with a beautiful silky skin feel for people with sensitive skin and lovers of clean skincare who are looking for quality, ethical plant based products. Not only do our masks, lotions and serums have a luxurious and refreshing feel on your face, you will also feel great knowing that we do everything we can to work in harmony with the natural environment around us.

Detoxifying Brightening Face Mask and Scrub  50g
Detoxifying Brightening Face Mask and Scrub  50g

Detoxifying Brightening Face Mask and Scrub 50g

Detoxifying Brightening Face Scrub and Mask 30g
Detoxifying Brightening Face Scrub and Mask 30g

Detoxifying Brightening Face Scrub and Mask 30g

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